Google Forms Workflow to Replace Hotdocs Overlay Answer files
Screenshot of Google Form to add a Court to GBLS Eviction Defense System.

Do you maintain Hotdocs guided interviews on LHI? Here’s one way to keep a Hotdocs guided interview up to date: use a Google Form to let users across the jurisdiction submit updates to a spreadsheet, and then use Google Apps Script to generate a Hotdocs computation from the user submissions. The computation can be used as a […]

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How Technology Can Narrow the Access to Justice Gap

The maximum amount a single person can earn and still qualify for free legal help is just over $15,000 a year, and for a family of four that increases to only $30,000 a year. With a few exceptions, someone making $16,000 is on their own. Even if you do earn less than $15,000, you only […]

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