Google Forms Workflow to Replace Hotdocs Overlay Answer files
Screenshot of Google Form to add a Court to GBLS Eviction Defense System.

Do you maintain Hotdocs guided interviews on LHI? Here’s one way to keep a Hotdocs guided interview up to date: use a Google Form to let users across the jurisdiction submit updates to a spreadsheet, and then use Google Apps Script to generate a Hotdocs computation from the user submissions. The computation can be used as a […]

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How Technology Can Narrow the Access to Justice Gap

The maximum amount a single person can earn and still qualify for free legal help is just over $15,000 a year, and for a family of four that increases to only $30,000 a year. With a few exceptions, someone making $16,000 is on their own. Even if you do earn less than $15,000, you only […]

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How legal technology can help your legal services program and your client base

Yes, it’s true: you should probably be using technology right now in your legal services program. It’s time to think beyond the word processor. Technology can directly help both our clients and the people we turn away. What’s more, it can help us sell our message better to the people who fund our work.In the […]

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