Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on recently:

Write Clearly

WriteClearly helps lawyers (and everyone) write in plain English. It was developed for Legal Assistance of Western New York and Idaho Legal Aid Services by Urban Insight as a bookmarklet. During a hackathon at the Technology Iniatives Grant conference in January, 2017, I helped create a Google Docs add-on that connects to Urban Insight’s new WriteClearly API. We published a working version and after the hackathon development has continued by Urban Insight.

Eviction Defense System

Many years ago, Greater Boston Legal Services and Harvard Legal Aid Bureau worked together to create a computer-assisted “Eviction Defense System.” It’s a TurboTax-like interview that helps attorneys quickly generate about 50 different forms and pleadings used to help defend against an eviction in Massachusetts Courts. The first version ran on VAX microcomputers, but it’s been updated over the years with changes in the law and to run on the more modern HotDocs platform.

I’m currently working on a major overhaul to improve usability, further automate, and move that system online.

Story Corps

A fun, creative project that I’m working on now is producing some short audio stories about Greater Boston Legal Services staff and clients. We’re using Audacity as our main production software now, together with the Zoom H4N pro audio recorder and a couple of XLR lavalier microphones.

New User Creation in Active Directory

One of my most popular repositories on GitHub is a new user creation script built around PowerShell batch processing. I’ve turned it over to our HR staff, who can now add users without needing to wait for our Helpdesk’s response. I did a quick writeup about the project on this blog.

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